12,000 Plus members.

$57Million in royalties for independent artists, musicians, producers & indie labels.


Major Label and Sync Deal Submissions


Artist Development, Audio Engineering and Music Business


Artist Development And Music Business


“As a streaming platform seeing what The Academy is doing for independent musicians is wonderful, learning the business is hard but they make it easy.
Daniel Ek
CEO and Founder of Spotify
“The Academy really helps artists build their careers, what else can I say.”
Oliver Schusser
Head of Apple Music
'Since we’ve been accepting submissions from The Academy we’ve had so many submissions and managed to secure some great imprint deals. The music submissions are now something we look forward to receiving."
Sir Lucian Grainge
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group
“Learning this business is what sets musicians apart from having a hobby to having a real career. The Academy is doing something amazing here.”
Tom Mackay
President: Music Film and Television A&R Sony Music
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